Monday, March 1, 2010

Thermoteknix New VisIR 320-P Thermal Imaging Camera

New VisIRĀ® 320-P with Condition REDĀ® database and software introduces point-and-click efficiency into your Predictive Maintenance programmes.Capture, Analyse, File, Trend, Report - VisIR 320-P takes it in its stride at the touch of a button.

VisIR 320-P delivers outstanding Infrared Thermal Imaging from a sensitive 320 x 240 uncooled infrared sensor with precise temperature measurement and unique time-saving tools.

VisIR 320-P complements the existing VisIR 640-P camera with a lower resolution and cost to address the needs of the wider Predictive Maintenance market. With a rugged industrial housing, articulated central optics pod for safe ergonomic operation and large high contrast touch screen, VisIR 320-P provides high definition thermal and visual image clarity in all lighting conditions.


Infrared Thermal Imaging


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