Tuesday, September 22, 2009

FLIR releases new PTZ network thermal imaging cameras

F-Series thermal camera
F-Series thermal camera

FLIR Systems, Inc. – the world’s leading manufacturer of thermal security cameras – announced the release of a new suite of fixed, pan/tilt, and dome cameras to their popular line of industry-leading thermal security products.

The new F-Series, PT-Series, and D-Series of thermal security cameras are all fully network enabled and offer a variety of configuration options, including flexible daylight/lowlight cameras for new levels of multi-sensor performance and high-resolution 640 × 480 thermal imaging cameras that provide four-times the image clarity and longer threat detection range performance than standard resolution cameras.

FLIR’s new F-, PT-, and D-Series thermal security cameras deliver true 24/7 video security coverage over IP networks, and include a built-in web interface that enables comprehensive system setup and configuration capability.

PT-Series thermal camera

All F-, PT-, and D-Series thermal security cameras are designed for simple installation and integration. Based on open IP network standards these thermal cameras are available with dual channels of streaming digital video in H.264, MPEG-4, or MJPEG formats, allowing users to mix and match formats to meet various viewing and recording requirements.

“FLIR is proud to continue supporting the security industry with three new lines of thermal security cameras,” said Earl Lewis, CEO of FLIR Systems.

“The D-Series is particularly exciting,” continued Lewis. “It is the industry’s first line of cameras to package high-quality thermal security cameras and daylight/lowlight cameras together in a robust, network-enabled dome configuration.”

D-Series thermal camera
D-Series thermal camera

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Breast Thermography

Nancy Gardner, PhD offers free breast health presentations locally and world-wide teaching people how to prevent breast cancer.

Nancy, a pioneer in the field of Breast Cancer Prevention and Thermography, says there is much to be done to prevent this life threatening disease. Information is key.

Dr. Gardner has created a presentation that is comprehensive, entertaining and creates a real bond amongst the women participants making it truly a healing experience. Her PhD in Clinical Research and a Masters degree in nutrition plus her devotion to empowering women with education helps all to be better able to make intelligent decisions about their health.

"Knowledge is power" according to Nancy and she reminds us that no one can make a good decision while being fearful. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month during which Dr. Gardner will be offering her free presentation in numerous locations just visit her website at www.healthybreasts.info and look under for a location near you, and tell your friends.

She also offers Breast Thermography Screening in clinics around the Bay Area. Thermography as a breast screening tool can see changes in the breast years before breast cancer has developed. This gives us plenty of time the work with address the patient’s health by decreasing their stress factors and building their immune system. Dr. Gardner has published and presented case studies that prove to reverse early signs of breast disease in 80% of her patients in 3 to 6 months. She also offers FREE phone consultations for any women with breast cancer or concerns about a suspicious breast screening at her clinic in San Rafael called the Optimum Health Clinic.

For more info: call 866-766-2468 or visit their website at: www.OptimumHealthClinic.info

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging Cameras Target Fire Ants

For eight years authorities in Queensland, Australia have been desperately trying to eradicate the South American red fire ant. Now they're turning to thermal imaging to wipe them out.
Thermal Imaging UK