Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fluke Thermal Imaging Camera on-site trial promotion

Fluke has a special promotion of its rugged, handheld Ti9 Electrical Thermal Imagers to electrical contractors and electricians who have no experience, or limited experience, of using thermal imaging cameras to inspect, repair and verify electrical infrastructure and electromechanical equipment. The free, on-site, no obligation, trial scheme is for a limited period and is supported by a free 72-page booklet, entitled 'Introduction to Thermography Principles’, which is sent in advance of the 2-day trial. More information can be found at

The low-cost, entry-level Fluke Ti9 Thermal Imager, designed for electricians, helps extend equipment lifetime, avoid electrical fires, and validate installation, repair and maintenance procedures. It can rapidly detect problems in a wide range of equipment including switchgear, motor control centres and lighting systems. Even small temperature differences are visible in components like transformers, panels, controls, fuses, receptacles and bus bars.

The Fluke Ti9 Electrical Thermal Imager brings accurate thermal imaging within the reach of many more users. With 160 x 120 pixel resolution, three times that of competing imagers, the Fluke Ti9 shows more essential details. It features a widescreen format colour LCD display to show every detail. Users just point the instrument and pull the trigger to capture the full image. That saves valuable time and greatly increases the speed of inspecting, repairing and verifying electrical and electromechanical equipment. The Fluke Ti9 is also designed for harsh industrial environments: IP54-rated, it resists dust and water, and withstands a drop test of 2 metres.

Hot spots regularly indicate an imminent problem or equipment failure in electrical equipment. Infrared thermometer measurements show only a single hot spot at a time, which is not enough for an accurate evaluation. Thermal imagers show the full picture instantly, with different colours representing different temperatures.

Fluke SmartView® software, featuring the first 3D imaging capability in the industry and options for optimising and organising thermal images and creating professional reports, is included with the product as well as a 2GB SD memory card and a rugged hard carry case.

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