Industrial Thermal Surveys

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The UK Thermography Association is now a Special Interest Group within the British Institute of Non-destructive Testing

Industrial Thermal Surveys UK

Industrial thermographic surveys are an invaluble service for your predictive maintenance programme and require skilled quilifed thermal surveyors to detect mechanical and electrical faults before they actually give rise to any unplanned and very costly breakdowns.

Regular Infrared thermal inspections will also help minimise unforeseen downtime and keep disruptions to a minimum. Many insurance companies are fully aware of the benefits of infrared thermal imaging and now insist on these inspections in order to renew existing policies, with some offering lower premiums for those that have regular inspections.

Here at Thermal Surveys we are committed to proving a professional infrared thermal imaging service. All our surveyors are ITC qualified from level 1 to level 3 and have many years experience in the field, enabling us to offer the full range of thermographic services including HV electrical, electro-mechanical, industrial and petrochemical applications.

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Thermal Health

Thermal Imaging can be used to monitor the health and performance of electric motors, bearing problems and over heating. There are easily spotted within a thermal imager.

Wide Range of Applications

  • Insulation
  • Electrical
  • Process pipes
  • Tank levels
  • Valves

Process Thermography

Thermal Imaging of process applications are some of the least exploited infrared opportunities in industry as any breakdowns are very costley. Thermal imaging can spot failing process components before they fail.

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